AHR Points and Awards Programs

The American Haflinger Registry has two free recognition programs for members and their Haflingers:

• The Ambassador Performance Program rewards Haflingers who compete in shows, events, parades, expos, and other public appearances.
• The Golden Path Recreation Program rewards Haflingers who are used for trail, therapeutic, and other non-judged riding and driving activities.

All AHR members and their registered Haflingers are eligible for these fun programs. Participants will receive free personalized awards to recognize their accomplishments. Learn more below!

USDF All-Breeds Awards

American Haflinger Registry is a proud USDF All-Breeds Awards Participating Organization. These awards are designed to recognize the accomplishments of specific breeds in dressage.   Click here to read more about eligibility requirements, current standings, and previous winners!
Many thanks to Hendershot Haflingers for their generous donation to the AHR Points and Awards Programs!

Contact AHR if you’d like to support the awards programs.

AHR Ambassador
Performance Program

The American Haflinger Registry (AHR) Ambassador program is designed to recognize individual Haflinger horses who participate publicly in competitions, performances, educational demonstrations, and other public events. Haflingers who demonstrate their training and versatility to the public – be it under saddle, in harness, or in hand – help promote our wonderful breed. The AHR created this program to recognize these superstars!

Golden Path
Recreation Program

This program was developed to reward your commitment to using and enjoying the versatile Haflinger horse. As a Golden Path member you are one of the breed’s best representatives, promoting Haflingers suitability for any job, be it work or play. All disciplines are included in this program, from hitch to dressage. In Golden Path you are recognized for the time you spend riding, driving, and/or ground work with your Haflinger. In addition, if you ever do want to part with your pal, you’ve created a permanent record of their hours.

New for 2021! Announcing the addition of a Youth division of the Golden Path program, a separate program rewarding youth members for their hours on an annual basis!