We’re Back!

We apologize for our brief outage – but we’re officially back online! We’ve still got a bit of construction dust and cleanup, so if you notice any broken links, missing pictures, or recently outdated information, please know we’re working hard to have EVERYTHING back up and running as expected in the next few days. Some the items NOT yet back online are the printable version of some forms, the Marketplace, the Futurity Photos, and the AHR Annual. As a reminder, most registry transactions can be completed online at DigitalHorses.

The Points and Awards submission deadline will be extended through March 31st to ensure everyone has ample opportunity to make their entries. Although the tracking tables have not yet been updated with the most recent submissions, we do still have everything that was submitted before the site went down, so there’s no need to REsubmit anything that did make it in, and all points and hours will be updated shortly.

Thanks for your patience!