Judge Accreditation Program

Designation as an AHR-approved judge is a privilege, not a right, bestowed by the Judge’s Committee according to procedures formulated by it, to individuals whose equine expertise and personal character merit the honor. An individual’s conduct as a member, exhibitor and judge, and his ability must be exemplary. A judge shall judge an AHR- approved event in accordance with all rules, regulations, directives, and guidelines issued by AHR. A judge shall honestly, fairly and impartially judge each horse exhibited to him or her, strictly on the horse’s conformation and /or its performance as the rules of the particular event dictate. An individual’s conduct as a member, exhibitor and judge must be exemplary; is subject to continual Judge’s Committee review; and such designation is revocable by the Judge’s Committee with or without notice and formal hearing, subject only to ultimate review by the AHR Board of Directors.