AHR Ambassador
Performance Program

The American Haflinger Registry (AHR) Ambassador program is designed to recognize individual Haflinger horses who participate publicly in competitions, performances, educational demonstrations, and other public events. Haflingers who demonstrate their training and versatility to the public – be it under saddle, in harness, or in hand – help promote our wonderful breed. The AHR created this program to recognize these superstars!
Who Can Join?
– Current AHR members with a registered Haflinger.
– AHR members may enroll a youth on a member-owned Haflinger.

What are the AHR Ambassador Award Levels?
Individuals and their horse(s) will receive recognition for the following award levels. If multiple annual award levels are reached in the same year, the highest threshold will be awarded. (See next page for details on how points are earned)

Award Level Point Requirements
Sapphire AHR Ambassador 10 or more points earned during the annual AHR Points and Award cycle (January 1 to December 31).
Ruby AHR Ambassador 20 or more points earned during the annual AHR Points and Award cycle (January 1 to December 31).
Diamond AHR Ambassador 30 or more points earned during the annual AHR Points and Award cycle (January 1 to December 31).
Lifetime Achievement
AHR Ambassador
More than 100 points total earned over all years in which the horse is enrolled in the AHR Ambassador Program.


How Are Points Earned?
Horses enrolled in the program can accumulate points within an annual cycle beginning on the first day of the year and ending on the last day of the year. Horses may be enrolled at any time during the annual cycle. Horses enrolled in the program can receive points for the following activities:

Type of Activity Points Awarded for Activity
Once Per Day*
Participation in a public clinic or educational demonstration 1
Participation in a public play day, fun ride, or group ride 1
Appearance in a public online video or blog post with more than 500 comments or shares, in which the horse is performing with a handler (ridden, driven, or in-hand) 1
Participation in a virtual show (please provide link to the video submitted for the show) 1
Appearance in a not-Haflinger-specific print publication (excluding self-promotional advertisements) 2
Participation in a public parade or drill performance 2
Participation in a licensed breed inspection 2
Participation in a schooling competition of any kind 2
Participation in a Pony Club rally, show, or camp 2
Participation in a 4-H event, show, or camp 2
Participation in a horse expo, fair, stallion parade, and/or public breed demo 3
Appearance on TV or in a commercial video (excluding self-promotional advertisements) 3
Participation in a recognized competition of any kind** 3
Participation in championship class(es) at a recognized competition of any kind** 4


* Points are awarded for each activity performed, once per day. For example:
– A horse attends three days of a horse expo… 3 points per day x 3 days = 9 points.
– A horse attends a 5 day public clinic and participates in the clinic each day… 1 point per day x 5 days = 5 points.
– A horse attends 10 classes in a schooling show on one day… 2 points per day x 1 day = 2 points; the number of classes competed in at the show each day is not relevant to the AHR Ambassador program.

** A recognized competition is a competition that is organized or sanctioned by a nationally or internationally recognized organization, including the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), United States Dressage Federation (USDF), Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), United States Eventing Association (USEA), United States Hunter Jumper Association (USHJA), American Haflinger Registry (AHR), or American Driving Society (ADS).

Please note: Informal or private gatherings, riding events such as a group trail rides, or private riding lessons will not count as point-earning activities for the AHR Ambassador program. Recreational riders and handlers who don’t perform in public with their horses are highly encouraged to participate in the American Haflinger Registry’s Golden Path Program!

Points may be logged at any interval within the annual cycle. Participants are encouraged to submit points regularly as the AHR Ambassador progress board is continually updated throughout the year! Accumulation of points begins January 1 and ends December 31 of each year. Deadline for submitting points is January 31. Points may be submitted online or mailed in. Online submissions and printable copies of the log form may be found here.

Many thanks to Hendershot Haflingers for their generous donation to the AHR Points and Awards Programs!

Contact AHR if you’d like to support the awards programs.