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Registrations & Ownerships

Application for Membership
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Application for Transfer

PLEASE NOTE! This form must be fully filled out with buyer and seller information, the date of the sale, and seller signature. A blank form signed by seller is not allowed.
This form should be returned to the registry by buyer or seller within 30 days of a sale. The Original Pedigree and a check for the appropriate fee must be included. If the transfer is for a licensed stallion, the original stallion license should be included as well. This form and the original pedigree must be submitted in order to get the new owner’s name added to the back of the original pedigree. Do not sign the back of the pedigree. The seller of a registered Haflinger is encouraged to complete the transfer to ensure the ownership passes to the new owner (after you have been paid).

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Application for Lease
This form should be completed when leasing a horse for the purpose of showing or when leasing a mare for the purpose of breeding.
It is the Owner’s responsibility to forward the Application for Registration of Lease and Fee To the American Haflinger Registry within 30 days of the date of lease. There is a penalty of an additional $25.00 if the application is received more than 90 days after the recorded date of lease.

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Application for Registration
The owner of the mare at the time of foaling is responsible for completing the original registration of the foal. This form must be submitted within the calendar year of birth of foal (postmarked no later than December 31 to avoid penalty). DNA identification required on all filly foals, all foals resulting from frozen or transported semen, and all horses registered after the year of birth.

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Affidavit for Duplicate Registration Certificate
DNA Typing Request Form
DNA kits will be automatically generated for fillies/mares being registered. All other DNA Typing requests will need to complete the DNA Request Form. When the form and fee are received, the office will mail or email the DNA kit. Kits are computer coded and specific to each horse. It is the owner’s responsibility to collect and mail hair samples to UC Davis lab (do not mail hair to the Registry).

Download DNA Typing Request Form – for known horses and registration

Download DNA Typing Request Form – for unknown horses and research requests


AHR Youth

AHR Youth Code of Honor
AHR Youth High Point Award
Golden Path Youth Hours Submission

Inspections & Site Hosting

Handbook and Application Packet
Policies & Procedures
Star/Elite/ Supreme Status
Site Request Form
To suggest or volunteer appropriate sites; due March 15
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Site Feasibility Form
To be returned by prospective sites; due January 15
Download the 2025 I&C Site Feasibility Form



How-To: Researching Registration Status
Haflinger Pedigree Certificate Tips
Promotional Magazine
Promotional Brochure

Stallions & Breeding

Application for Stallion License
A Stallion License Application must be completed prior to the issuing of a stallion license. This form is returned to the AHR office–it is not sent in with the DNA sample. Note that the top half is completed by the stallion owner, and the bottom half is completed by the veterinarian examining the stallion. Stallions must be two years old prior to the examination. All stallions used for breeding must be DNA tested and examined in order to be licensed. Have your vet examine the horse and complete the bottom portion of the Stallion License Application. Return the Stallion License Application to the AHR office.

If DNA testing is not on file: When your completed application is received, the office will respond with a DNA application including the ID number for submitting hair for DNA testing to UC Davis. It is the owner’s responsibility to collect and mail hair samples to UC Davis lab.

Download Application for Stallion License

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Stallion License Renewal Form
Licensed stallions owners must renew stallion breeding licenses annually in order to register offspring.

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Embryo Transfer Form
This form is required to notify the AHR of an Embryo Transfer. Forms must be submitted within 90 days of successful transfer.

Download Embryo Transfer Form
Submit Embryo Transfer Report online

Gelding Certificate

This form must be submitted to the AHR office along with the original pedigree when a horse is gelded. A new pedigree will be created and returned to the owner. There is no charge for this update.

Download Gelding Certificate
Submit Gelding Certificate online
Please note that you must still download the above application, obtain the veterinarian’s signature, and upload a scan of the completed certification to submit the application online.

Certificate of Breeding
A breeding certificate must accompany each foal registration, even when you own the foal’s sire. This is a new form for many members; look at it carefully. Please fill in every blank. If you own both stallion and mare, you may write “same” to avoid completing identical information for each.

Download Certificate of Breeding


Frozen Semen Form

Showing, Programs & Awards

Stallion and Mare Futurity Nomination Form
2024 Stallion and Mare Futurity Nomination Form – COMING SOON!


Futurity and SIP Rules
Futurity Class Descriptions


AHR Judges Accreditation Rules
Judges Packet & Breeding Objectives