World Show Cancellation

At the recent World Haflinger Breeders and Sports Federation Board Meeting, the Tirolean Breeders Association informed the us that since the COVID-19 virus was continuing to impact the world and that it was impossible to obtain approval for a large gathering from the appropriate authorities that the World Show scheduled in Austria for June 2021. As everyone knows the show was originally scheduled for last June when the COVID-19 Pandemic first turned our world upside down and despite the development of treatments and vaccines, the virus still is wreaking havoc over travel and our everyday lives. This is not a postponement as the recommendation was to cancel the delayed 2020 event and begin looking forward to the next show in 2025.

This decision was not taken lightly as the World Show is a tradition and a large event for the Tirolean region every five years and the organization had expended much effort and resources in developing and planning the event twice. However, just not knowing when the virus will be controlled to allow safe and healthy international travel and large gatherings of people the decision was prudent at this time.

The Tirolean Association has submitted a request to be the host of the 2025 World Exhibition and the AHR will support that request and the awarding of the event to this group that has successfully produced wonderful events in the past. The final decision will be made this fall. We would like to thank the Tirolean Breeders Association for their efforts in trying to make the World Exhibition for 2020 and 2021 happen and with heavy hearts support their assessment and decision.