Call for Youth Leadership Council

Dear American Haflinger Registry Members,

I’m excited to announce that the AHR has approved a new youth program for 2021.

The goal of the AHRY (American Haflinger Registry Youth) program is to educate and entertain the younger members of our Haflinger society (up to age 18) while emphasizing good sportsmanship principles. Youth members will gain understanding of the Haflinger breed and feel a sense of belonging within the Haflinger Community, leading to enhanced knowledge, lifelong friendships and fun!

I am currently seeking youth under 18 to be part of a Leadership Council to help lead and inform this effort. Candidates should demonstrate ongoing commitment to the promotion of Haflingers, serve as positive role models, be involved in community activities and exhibit characteristics that exemplify positive sportsmanship principles.

Monthly Meetings will be held by teleconference and/or Zoom, if possible to kick off in late June, 2020. All youth council candidates will be required to sign a code of conduct and have their parent and/or guardian sign a release and waiver.

Haflinger youth, please help us create the program you want to enjoy! Email me at or message me on FB.

— Michelle Harper, East-Central Region Board Representative (2022)

Thank you Haylee Kemper with Barbara MDH for being our Haflinger Youth models!